Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for better page ranking in best Search Engines

Traffic or Visits to a site is directly proportional to the Income or Business. So, How to Generate the Traffic to your site as there are 1000’s of sites in each category to compete with? How to be on the top of the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page)? SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the right way for increasing the page rank and getting traffic.

There is an ambiguity that SEO and SEM are same, but the fact is SEO is a part of SEM. What is SEM? SEM is a type of Online Marketing which is used to increase the Visibility & Page Rank of a website and analysing how many impressions taking place for the particular keywords.

What we do @ ImagiNET Ventures?

Sometimes the Content should be rewritten for better page ranks. A simple content everyone can write, but writing content which Search Engines like and the content which can be crawled by the Search Engines and the content with the related keywords is a challenge which is counted for the best ranking in your favourite Search Engines. That is precisely what we do here at our main workstation in Chennai, India.

Better Keywords always pays more. It is one of the effective method for the best ranking in the SERP. Keywords should be chosen carefully according to the location, category, competition and traffic. The keywords should be with higher search results and lower or medium competition.

The main part in SEM is carefully monitoring the analytics. There are both free and paid softwares available for the analysis. The traffic & bounce rate, search analytics and much more are available and this is much useful for Best Ranking of the website.

PPC (Pay Per Click) is paid service provided by most of the search engines like Google, Bing, etc., for better access to the site. In this the visibility of a site is increased and amount is paid in per click basis. Here again the Keywords plays the main role.

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