Custom made CMS

We know your business is special to you, so we build Web Content Management System specially for you!

A good organization is a dynamic structure – ever growing and ever evolving. A good website is a reflection of a good organization. Often, it becomes tedious and cumbersome for most businesses to maintain a website if they don’t have an in-house technical expert. The easiest and the most effective solution is a well developed CMS site that can systematize your website update process.

CMS sites are completely dynamic and can be managed and updated without any programming knowledge. Like the same suggests, content can be managed on the fly. Ensure repeated visitors with the help of new, updated content.

ImagiNET developed CMS sites

  • We completely understand your requirements and set up an apt platform to ensure your smooth journey into the online space. No handing over off-the-shelf products!
  • Emphasis on SEO. The importance of search engine viability cannot be compromised. Not all CMS platforms are SEO friendly, hence its imperative that you have an expert help you make the right choice.
  • At ImagiNET, we speak your language! We are not going to scare you with words like Title Tag Customization, Keyword-Rich URLs, Internal Anchor Text Flexibility etc. We will do it for you and show you the results.
  • Enhancements Galore! We source and install plug-ins that will give your website that extra edge. Plug-ins to make the site Admin friendly, user friendly, fast to load and attractive.

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We build immersive experiences that help your brand connect with your customers and community. We help you generate more profits or reduce costs through our technology.

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